How to Be a Personal Stylist: Dressing the Romantic Style Personality from Style Coaching Institute on Vimeo.

Here’s Lesson Four in our ‘Style Personality Video Series’!

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One of the key aims of a Style Coach™, Image Consultant or Personal Stylist is to help people become more confident and self-assured when styling themselves; whether this is shopping for new items to add to their existing wardrobe, bringing outfits together for a particular occasion, mixing and matching accessories, or experimenting with new colours.

When you become a certified Style Coach™, you’ll learn to help clients use their outer appearance as a form of self-expression - a way to illustrate who they really are on the inside and share this with the people around them. Our choice of clothing and accessories speaks volumes about us, and our appearance makes a first (and long-lasting) impression!

Many people look to the media to find out what they should wear this season, and often they try to replicate someone else’s look. While it is fun to find inspiration from various different sources, it is also important to understand that for our clothing choices to work best, they need to be in harmony with our own ‘Style Personality’, not someone else’s!

Once you gain an awareness of the attributes of your Style Personality, you will find that ‘effortless style’ really does start to come more naturally! You will be able to mix and match with ease, and getting dressed will become an enjoyable and creative experience, everyday! Good knowledge of your Style Personality will pave the way for you to project the image you want, and to feel comfortable in your own skin, whatever the occasion!

The 5 Style Personalities…

Although most people fall into one of five general ‘Style Personalities’, that’s not to say that they can’t play with other styles or that their Style Personality is unable to change.

You might find that you are able to identify which Style Personality you at this point in time, but you may also recognise that you have been a different ‘Style Personality’ at another stage in your life.

You may even recognise that you flow between two or more Style Personalities, depending on your mood, and perhaps between work and leisure.

The 5 main ‘Style Personality’ groups are…


When making wardrobe choices, it can help to have a picture in your mind of a person whose style you admire, or who epitomises the general style you would like to achieve.

To clarify, this doesn’t mean to say that you would wish to replicate anyone else’s look exactly (because this doesn’t embrace your own individuality)! Instead, look to stylish role models as a source of inspiration, but then aim to bring your outfits together with your own unique twists, touches and personal preferences!


The Romantic Style Personality:

- You love pretty colours such as pinks and pastels
- You like details such as ruffles, frills, flounces and appliqués
- You love to wear perfume
- You prefer delicate jewellery (sometimes antique), both simple and elaborate
- You choose cashmere, silk, lace and tulle and voile
- You like floral prints and detailing
- You adore pearls, diamonds, sequins and diamanté
- You often choose romantic styles from bygone eras such as Victorian or Georgian times
- You like ribbons, bows and feminine detailing
- You may have dainty, delicate and feminine features
- Your makeup is often subtle, with emphasis on the eyes
- You like softer lines with bust or waist definition; no harsh or masculine lines
- You like kitten heels, peep-toe pumps, ballerina flats, and Mary-Janes
- You like to wear pretty, matching underwear sets
- You love silk scarves, soft faux furs, delicate gloves and occasional hats
- Your hair may be softly curled and has gentle movement
- You like to express your femininity and value this highly
- You loved to play dress-up games as a child
- You prefer skirts and dresses to trousers or suits

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