Style Sense Series: Lesson Two, Finding your Style Inspiration from Style Coaching Institute on Vimeo.

** Calling all aspiring Personal Stylists, Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists and Personal Shoppers! ** In this video series, we’re talking about how to develop your ‘sense of style’. In Lesson One we started developing our ‘sense of style’ by taking a look at some favourite pieces from our wardrobes and becoming more aware of what design features we really love, what general styles we tend to gravitate towards, and what our clothes say about us in each of our lifestyle roles. We also started to think about setting some style-related goals and visualising what kind of style we might aspire to achieve.

But, what if you have a hard time visualising your ideal style?
What if you’re just not quite sure what you really like?
And you’re not terribly confident to know what goes well together in an outfit?

If that sounds familiar, then we’ve got some quick ways you can solve that problem!

In Lesson Two, we’re talking about the next step in amplifying your ‘sense of style’… which is finding that magical feeling of inspiration! We talk about what it means ‘to be inspired’, and what those moments of ‘pure inspiration’ feel like.

Too many of us assume that style inspiration can only come from the catwalks and fashion magazines. We’re not saying that inspiration can’t be found in these places, but it can equally be found in the ordinary world around us. We look at the various places you can find 'style inspiration’, starting with nature all around us, then looking online and of course looking in your local shops!

When you make it a habit to find style inspiration around you, you’ll start to develop a much better sense of what you like and why. You’ll start to have a really clear, vibrant, and exciting picture of your personal style and you’ll feel more confident and self-assured in your clothing choices.

If your sense of style can inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you have the makings of a leading Style Coach™.

In our next video… We’ll be looking at the differences between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’, and we’ll be sharing some of our favourite style quotes of all time.

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