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10 Ways To Wear Shirt Dresses

Top Fashion Sets for Nov 22nd, 2016

Anna Wintour on Brooklyn, the Rumors, and the One Thing She Will Never Wear

From her least favorite word in fashion to why she always has on her Chanel shades, Vogue’s Editor in Chief shares the 73 things that make her Anna Wintour. 

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The legend of N°5: Journey back in time through the CHANEL archives into the heart of this magical perfume, beginning with the revolutionary moment of its creation.

In Style Coaching™ we believe that every woman should have a ‘signature scent’. Perfume, like any other grooming product, is a part of your personality. It adds character to your overall sense of style and helps to creates a unique identity. In fact, people can recognize you with the scent of your smell. It leaves a trail of fragrance wherever you pass and is one of the most attractive things you can wear on your body.

Just as good makeup, hairstyle, and clothes can catch the attention of an onlooker, similarly, your fragrance, too, can have a scintillating effect.

Wearing perfume that matches you is like wearing your attitude. Indeed perfume can say more than words. Different types of fragrances suit different moods!

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