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All of us have experienced a range of emotions while trying on clothes in the changing room. For those who are confident and self-assured shoppers, the ‘changing room’ can be a place full of creativity and excitement, but for many others it can much less positive associations!

Although deciphering flaws and assets is a crucial part of looking our best, it can also raise some very sensitive issues, of which a Style Coach™ needs to be conscious and considerate. In the necessary process of a Style Coach™ getting to know their client’s body shape, they will usually also become aware of areas that the client feels unhappy with and would prefer to disguise. Certified Style Coaches™ are professional trained to help their clients look more positively at their perceived flaws and focus their attention on their best assets.

At the core of Style Coach™ training is the belief that looking good and feeling great comes from focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want. This is because in life we tend to attract more of what we focus our attention on. Focusing on the positive rather than the negative makes people look at themselves from a fresh perspective and in a completely different light. We each have features that we admit to liking about ourselves; it’s not arrogant to say that you have beautiful legs, luscious locks, or a feminine curves. It’s important to be grateful for the positive things about ourselves, and to acknowledge the ways in which we are blessed.

Here at the Style Coaching Institute® we like to say that we focus on blessings, not blemishes!

One of the quick and easy questions to ask yourself today is simply: “What are three things that you love most about the way you look?“ - If you’re having trouble answering this, then why not ask a friend to answer for you. It’s enlightening to see yourself through another’s eyes.

The Style Coaching™ philosophy truly believes that each and every one of us is beautiful, but never in exactly the same way. We need to celebrate our unique features, and a Style Coach™ is trained to dress every person in a way that enhances their figure and allows their 'style personality’ to shine. Looking great is always about working in harmony with your body shape, not against it.

Becoming a Style Coach™ is similar to becoming a personal stylist or training in image consultancy, because you learn styling skills that enable you to balance a client’s proportions, cleverly camouflage body challenges, and enhance a client’s favourite features. However, when you become a Style Coach™, you’re also trained to recognise the importance of positive body-image, self-acceptance, and learning to love yourself.

The truth is that everyone has positive attributes to their body shape; we just need to shift the focus so that these attributes can be more easily recognised and appreciated. To truly experience the wonderful benefits of Style Coaching™, clients are encouraged to understand, get to know and accept their body shape.

If you’re inspired to help people to look good in the mirror then a career in personal styling or image consultancy might be perfect for you! But, if you’re interested in learning how to take 'looking good’ to whole new level through helping people to feel beautiful on the inside too, then becoming a Style Coach™ is the career you’ve been waiting for. Your Style Coaching™ career is about so much more than personal styling, it’s about spreading self-esteem and positive body-image. When you begin your Style Coaching™ business, you can look forward to a career that is rewarding, fulfilling and which makes a positive difference in the world.  

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