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Fashion Revolution Week: Six Ways To Shop Mindfully

WHO made the clothes you’re wearing right now? It’s a simple enough question. But four years on from the Rana Plaza disaster, it’s more important than ever that we keep asking it. This week marks the anniversary of the collapse of the Bangladesh factory complex that killed 1,138 garment workers and injured a further 2,500 in one of the worst industrial tragedies in history.

Fashion’s supply chains are incredibly complicated beasts that require hours of unravelling – from farm to factory to store, from zips to buttons to beading, it’s never clear under what conditions they came into being. Often brands don’t own factories outright – so garment production is subcontracted out, making it difficult to hold people to account. But it’s easy to start asking questions.

In the spirit of transparency, this week also marks #FashionRevolutionWeek, an ethical initiative whose current focus is #whomademyclothes, a campaign which encourages consumers to demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. Here are six ways to get involved with Fashion Revolution Week, and shop mindfully in the process…

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Don’t forget to tie your shoes!

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ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Show | Backstage

Moments before the show, a sense of serenity and grace dominates the backstage as models channel the collection’s soft silhouettes in a dream-like haze #TheBirthOfLight

Beautiful styling! Loving the nude palette :) 


e x h u b r a n t ; checking out blogs that follow !




Choo and Loub


Last chance  in 2016 to join us in London & become a Certified Style Coach™

Hey guys, just a reminder that time is running out for you to join us in London this October for our ‘VIP Fast-Track’ diploma course, where we’ll be passing on all the skills and support you need to become a successful STYLE COACH™.

The course is filling up fast and we’re down to just two places left. Is one of these places meant to be for you?

For anyone who missed it the first time, today we’re re-sharing our latest video featuring just three of our Certified Style Coaches™ in 3 different countries (btw, did we mention that we’ve helped over 1100 people in over 75 countries to start new careers doing the work they love?) See what they have achieved since gaining their qualification with us and be inspired to create your own success story! 

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Are you living outside the UK?

No problem! Our diploma course in London is easily accessible and on this course we currently have students joining us from the UK, Thailand, Lebanon, Poland, Saint Lucia, Canada and Ghana. We host the programe at the Radisson Blu Hotel at London Stansted Airport, and we include 5 nights of accommodation to make your stay in the UK an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Plus, we also offer our online diploma courses worldwide!

Questions to ask?

I am happy to chat with you over the phone to answer any questions you might have. You can give me a call now on +44 208 133 9003 or drop us an email at

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Yours in style,

Kate x

What are you looking forward to after the holidays have ended?

Calling all aspiring Personal Stylists, Image Consultants, Personal Shoppers, Wardrobe Consultants, Colour Consultants, and Fashion Stylists!! 

It’s that time of year when many of us are planning to get away on holiday, enjoy some sunshine, and take some time off, right? But thinking ahead to September (when it’s back to school, back to work, or just back to “normal”) can feel a bit deflating, and when the holidays are over you can tend to lose that feeling of aniticipation and excitement that you felt in July and August.

Imagine what it would feel like to have something truly inspiring to look forward to, something that fills you with excitement right now, and something that you know will open up new doors and new possibilities for the future?

We’re touching base with you today to let you know that we still have a small number of places remaining on our ‘VIP Fast-Track Style Coaching™ Diploma Course’ starting this September, and our prestigious online personal styling course is available all year round (you could even start today). 
We would love to help you gain all the knowledge, skills, resources, support and experience you need to begin a new career in Style Coaching™, Personal Styling or Image Consultancy. Our training team has helped over 1000 people in 63 countries to pursue careers in personal styling, so we know what it takes and we have a tried and tested formula for your success. You might like to read some of the Success Stories and Testimonials of our image consultants here.

I hope you enjoy reading more about the upcoming personal stylist courses at our website 

Whether you would like to take one of our styling courses in London, Singapore or New Zealand, or whether you’d like to study from your own home, you’ll be made to feel very welcome in the international Style Coaching™ learning community.

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