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Quotes from the most famous Fashion Stylists

Today’s quote: “Style is a way to say who you are without speaking.” -
Rachel Zoe

What do you think your “style” says about you? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to hit LIKE if you agree :)

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It's your turn to be the Personal Stylist! Have your say on the best and worst red carpet looks from last night's Emmy Awards...

The biggest night for television has taken place in LA with the Primetime Emmy Awards, with a host of stars gathering for the glittering awards ceremony. Join us in taking a look through some of the Red Carpet fashions and have your say on the best and worst dressed by joining us on our Facebook page: 

Think you know style? Then it’s your turn to become a Personal Stylist for the next five minutes by sharing what you love about each outfit, what you’d do differently, what you think of the chosen outfit, makeup, hair style and colour, accessories, purses and shoes! 

If you’re passionate about style and colour, then you might just have what it takes to become a image consultant or personal stylist. You could have an image career doing what you love. Becoming a personal stylist isn’t just for those who work with the stars in Hollywood. Every day men and women from all walks of life are starting to recognise the importance of their image and appearance when it comes to success in the workplace, finding new relationships, experiencing greater levels of confidence and reaching their full potential in every area of their life.

If you’d like to help people to use the power of appearance to have happier and more fulfilled lives, then a career as a certified Style Coach™ might be the perfect choice for you.

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Some of our Top Personal Stylist Success Stories...

Delighted to announce that we have chosen 5 of our Style Coaches’ “Success Stories” to feature on the Style Coaching Institute® website!

The stories chosen were sent in by: Susie Boylan of ‘Susie Styles’, Dagmar Gabulova of 'Dagmar&Style’, Nichola English of 'The Styling Superwoman’, Louise Hill of 'Serenity Style’, and Sharron Miles Gilty of 'Dress Chic Keep it Cheap’. If you’re one of our lucky ladies then we’ll be sending you an email today with any extra details :)

Huge thanks and appreciation to EVERYONE who kindly sent us their story about 'life after’ training to become a personal stylist with the Style Coaching Institute. All of your stories were incredibly inspiring!

We look forward to sharing the new webpage with everyone when it goes live towards the end of the week. Watch this space :)

With warmest wishes,

Kate Cutting & Tracey Redmond


Whether modern or classic, sublime or verging on the ridiculous, boots are a firm favourite for every season of the year. But there’s no time like Winter for showcasing this full-coverage footwear at its best!

One of the things I love most about boots is how versatile they are; there is surely a pair of boots for every Style Personality, and every occasion! Whether you are looking to recreate a quintessentially British equestrian vibe, or a chic and modern Parisian look, choosing the perfect pair of boots is often the first place to start! 

When entering the chillier months of Autumn, or battling through the freezing months of Winter, boots can transform your wardrobe and offer variety that would be otherwise impossible to achieve. Dresses and skirts can be worn in comfort, and trousers and jeans can be easily offered a seasonal lift. It is for these reasons that I consider it essential to own at least one or two pairs of quality boots. 

Of course, quality boots may not be the cheapest items to purchase, but they are investment items that will last you many years to come and be worn on countless occasions!    

High Boots For Added Warmth - Longer boots may need to be stored away in warmer seasons, but throughout Autumn and Winter they help you to stay warm while wearing dresses and skirts.

Pair Short Skirts with Long Boots - This can create the most stunning proportions! Remember of course to always wear the appropriate tights. This will ensure that the overall look is kept modest and sophisticated.

The Ankle Boot - There’s never been a better time to choose a pair of ankle boots. The variety available in the shops is astounding and can offer an ultra-modern edge to your wardrobe! Of course, the most obvious way to wear ankle boots is under trousers, as they can be easily slipped on and don’t feel restrictive around your legs. However, remember to think outside the box! Love or hate them, ankle boots (booties) are now being worn with a wide range of dresses and skirts - and I must admit that despite some initial reservations, some of these unusual combinations do in fact work beautifully!

The Little Details - Consider that when wearing a fuller skirt, it’s ideal for your hem to fall just over the top of your boot. With a fitted shape, try to allow a few inches between your hem and your boot. 

Wear Chunky Heels with Maxi Skirts & Dresses - When wearing longer skirts and dresses, you can choose to wear heavier heels, as they will successfully offset the length. Although many boots with chunky heels can tend to be less refined, try to reserve the most ‘rough and ragged’ variety for wearing with jeans!

Slim, High Boots: A Wardrobe Staple - Take time to choose the perfect fit - even if it means a whole day of trying on different pairs in different stores! Trust me, fit is everything, so choose with patience :) Pick a pair that is comfortably fitted around your leg, but avoid any that are too tight (a giveaway sign is if your skin bulges at the top). There should be no more than a half inch of space between your leg and the boot. Saying this, bear in mind that flat equestrian boots can be slightly less fitted. In fact, a straighter cut makes them easy to slip on and off, and you need a little extra ‘wiggle room’ if you are to wear them with skinny jeans.

Leather & Lace - For adventurous fashionistas, have fun experimenting with contrasts! Teaming light and flowing dresses with heavy leather may sound like an unlikely combination, but it can create a dramatic look. Such combinations are often seen in rock music videos, and on the runways - but this is a fashion that anyone with the right attitude can try at home! 

Tuck in Skinny Jeans - This is a look that unfortunately doesn’t work for everyone, but it can be super-glamorous for slender ladies. The important thing is to choose jeans which are ‘super skinny’ - there should be no bunching of the denim, and no folds. Experiment with varying the length and style of boot you choose; you can choose ankle or knee-high, or even slouchy! Be sure to try a few styles before you buy. 

At the Style Coaching Institute® you can train to become a fashion and style expert - but also so much more! Becoming an image consultant, personal stylist, personal shopper, or color consultant means that you have all the skills you need to help a person to enhance their external appearance (how they look in the mirror). But by training to become a Style Coach™, you also learn all the skills of a professional life coach and personal branding consultant. This enables you to help others to connect with their inner-confidence and inner-beauty! You can promote positive body-image, and healthy self-esteem. 

Looking good is not just about perfecting your reflection in the mirror. It’s about how you see yourself on the inside. 

Find out how you can become an accredited Style Coach™:

We offer courses that are accredited by the International Association of Style Coaches™, with options for tutored training courses with our master Style Coach™ trainers in London, Auckland New Zealand, and Singapore. We also offer our prestigious Home Study diploma course in 56 countries around the world!

** Boots shown here are available from Nordstrom

How to Become Color Confident!

For more than 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season’s most important color trends. This report previews the most prominent hues for spring 2014.

Learning how to use colour creatively in your outfits can help you to reinvent your look and rejuvenate a tired wardrobe, not to mention that colour also helps you to re-energize when you’re feeling a bit washed out! There’s no doubt that colour can have a profound effect on how we feel. Wearing the right colours can help to create a happier, more empowered mood, but wearing the wrong ones can have the opposite effect.

In the Style Coaching™ Diploma Course we teach an advanced process of colour analysis that combines tonal and seasonal theories. We have 12 different colour categories or ‘seasons’ to work with, so our analysis is exceptionally comprehensive and reliable.

During our free series of ‘Mini Lessons’, you can learn about some of the starting points of color analysis and tricks that color consultants use with their clients. We simplify our color analysis training by taking a “sneek peek” at some of the elements of the seasonal color concept that places individuals into four basic categories: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. 

Become color confident and you can inject new passion into your wardrobe! Don’t forget to sign up for our Free Mini Lessons so you can learn more about style and color with the Style Coaching Institute®

Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf this Autumn

There’s no better A/W accessory than a scarf, but to spice things up why not learn how to wear your scarf in a selection of creative ways? No matter what your body shape or ‘style personality’ there is a scarf for you! 

  • To balance wider hips, try wearing your scarf tied so that it creates volume around the neckline and chest, or wear it like a wrap around your shoulders.
  • To slim your figure, try wearing your scarf so that it hangs down in a vertical and elongating line.
  • To add feminine curves to a straight figure, try looping your scarves or experimenting with knots tied at a point toward which you would like to draw attention.

Of course, one of the most important factors when choosing the perfect scarf for you, is to make sure that the colour brings out your eyes, enhances your skin tone, and makes your hair colour look radiant. We’ll talk more about this in a future post, so be sure to watch this space.

An accredited Style Coach™ can teach you how to choose the perfect styles for your body shape and colour characteristics. When you become a Style Coach™ you learn all the professional skills of an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Colour Consultant! Training to become an image professional is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose!

We hope you enjoy this great video from Wendy’s Lookbook, as it gives a great insight into some of the skills you can learn this Autumn / Winter to make your wardrobe more inspiring than ever!

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