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Can Anyone Become a Personal Stylist or Certified Style Coach™?

Here at the Style Coaching Institute®, one of the most common questions we’re asked is, “Can anyone become a Personal Stylist?” If this is a question that’s been on your mind, and you’ve been wondering whether you have what it takes to start a career in Personal Styling, then today’s blog post is just for you!

The idea of becoming a Personal Stylist might sound too good to be true. Afterall, if you’re passionate about style and shopping, what could be better than turning your hobbies into a viable career opportunity? Well, we’re here to tell you that it is indeed possible for you to pursue your perfect career – and, we can tell you this with confidence – because for the past 17 years, our team has helped women all over the world turn this dream career into a reality.

The Style Coaching Institute® is the world’s most innovative image education company and the influence of our award-winning team has massively impacted the world of image consultancy training (we’ve given ‘image consultancy’ a transformational ‘makeover’ all of its own)!

Many of our graduates have no previous experience in personal styling, but our training courses empower them with a completely new skillset so they can start their own successful Style Coaching™ businesses as leading image professionals. Our courses also enable experienced image consultants and personal shoppers to uplevel their professional skills, access cutting-edge resources, and breathe new life (and new clients!) into their existing styling businesses.

Anyone who has a passion for style and believes in the positive power of appearance can become a personal stylist or image consultant! But, keep in mind that not all personal styling courses are created equal! If you’re looking for a career that enables you to stand out from the crowd, then training to become an Accredited Style Coach™ will give you that competitive edge. The only pre-requisites are that you have a burning desire and a willingness to work hard for your dream.

What’s the difference between Personal Styling and Style Coaching™?

When you train to become a traditional personal stylist or image consultant, you typically learn how to help others enhance their outer appearance through skills like:

  • Choosing clothes that harmonise with their body shape
  • Picking out accessories to express their personality
  • Selecting a palette of colours that work with their natural features
  • Assessing their current wardrobe and existing outfits
  • Making recommendations and curating new outfits to purchase

Of course, a Style Coach™ is expertly-trained in ALL of these personal styling skills, AND – uniquely – they are also trained in coaching skills like:

  • Confidence and self-esteem coaching exercises
  • Body positivity and body-image coaching
  • Self-image psychology
  • Body language and non-verbal communication

There are significant benefits of merging the skills of a personal stylist with those of a life coach. In fact, when you compare the results achieved through personal styling or personal shopping alone, with those achieved through Style Coaching™, the difference is mind-blowing.

The truth is, personal styling offers some amazing surface-level changes. When your client is dressed well, she naturally feels more confident because she likes the reflection she sees in the mirror. But, how deeply is that newfound confidence really felt? Looking good on the outside is lovely, but if you haven’t done anything to help improve your client’s inner self-image (how they perceive themselves in their mind’s eye) then the makeover is unlikely to lead to long-lasting change on a meaningful level. Quite simply – the changes don’t stick, and, within a short time, the client reverts to their old habits and former wardrobe choices!

Should I become a personal stylist or should I become a Style Coach™?

Well, if you train as a Style Coach™, you learn all the skills of a personal stylist too… So you can essentially be both at the same time! There are plenty of advantages that you can read more about here.

Here at the Style Coaching Institute® our training is based on the beliefs that:

• Style is as much about inner confidence as it is about the clothes you wear
• Looking good is about enhancing your appearance and embracing what makes you uniquely beautiful on the inside too
• No matter your size, shape or weight, if you feel beautiful on the inside then you can look beautiful on the outside
• Making a good impression is a combination of the right clothes, grooming, body language, attitude and ‘people-skills’
• In essence, looking good in the mirror is great… but it isn’t everything.

If these beliefs resonate with you and make sense, then training as a personal stylist or an image consultant might be selling yourself short.

Style Coaching™ will give you unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth, fulfilment and rewards. This is true whether you are a complete newcomer to the image industry, or whether you are experienced professional from an adjacent field such as personal shopping or wardrobe styling.

Training Courses to Become a Personal Stylist and Style Coach™

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