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Inspirational Books About Personal Style: What’s on our Bookshelf?

As much as we enjoy perusing the latest online fashion blogs, sometimes we have an undeniable craving to take a break from our screens and pick up a good old-fashioned book. Here at the Style Coaching Institute®, we’re avid readers who love the smell of a new book so much that we would wear it as perfume (if only it existed). Nothing beats the feeling of flicking through paper pages in a real book, unless of course you count the feeling of washing off your makeup at the end of a long day!

Here we’ve chosen our top pick of 3 inspirational books about personal styling that we think deserve a space on your bookshelf, especially if you (like us) are passionate about fashion, personal growth and development, and creating a life and wardrobe you love! So, if you’re looking to pick out your next page turner, then keep reading to find out why these titles made it onto our shortlist.

Style Stalking by Refinery29

When it comes to the essentials of everyday chic, the editors at Refinery29 are experts at deconstructing the elements of real style and spotting the difference between a look that’s ‘on-trend’ and truly ‘trendsetting’. Although fashions change with every passing season, style tends to evolve while maintaining a recognisable timelessness that travels seamlessly through the decades.

Oscar de la Renta once said, “Fashion is a trend, style is within a person.” So it makes sense that ‘Style Stalking’ is packed full of insider tips and tricks, street style inspiration, and insightful observations of the style choices made by fashion rule-breakers, fearless fashionistas, and all the modern-day interpreters of classic style in between.

Style Stalking is Refinery29’s very first book (and a New York Times best seller) featuring some of the most inspiring designers, stylists, and editors from the fashion world. It challenges the status quo and inspires the next generation of women to dress authentically, creatively, and fearlessly. Personal style isn’t found in a ‘one size fits all’ formula; instead this book reminds us to discover a sense of our own unique style that comes from personal expression and having courage to break the rules.

Advanced Style: Older & Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen

We believe that style knows no age and inclusivity and diversity matters. Some of our most inspirational Style Coaches™ have been women who began their personal styling careers in their later years, proving that it’s never too late to find your passion. You can read one of our blog posts on this topic here.

Advanced Style: Older and Wiser is the follow-up book to the bestselling ‘Advanced Style’ and showcases the most inspiring role models for senior street style from around the world. Its author, Ari Seth Cohen, is an American photographer, filmmaker, and fashion blogger. He is also the founder of “Advanced Style” which celebrates (through a blog, book, and film) the style, creativity, and wisdom of people over the age of 60. Cohen has also been credited with jump-starting a movement towards the inclusion of older models in the fashion industry. Needless to say, we take our hats off to his work!

Advanced Style is a stunning tribute to the self-confidence, inner beauty, and style know-how that derives from decades of life lived with elegance. It offers the reader a refreshing shift in perspective that has made older people feel invisible in the fashion industry for far too long. The (mostly) ladies of Advanced Style are captured through an insightful camera lens, living their best lives and enjoying their later years with glamour and grace. Each individual person “sparkles like a diamond” after decades of discovering, refining and clarifying their own unique look and attitude. The book offers unrivalled fashion inspiration for people of all ages and proof that ageing is just another word for living.

In our humble opinion, this book is made all the more special by the fact that Ari Seth Cohen started down this path after being inspired by his own grandmother’s unique personal style. The Advanced Style book definitely deserves a space on your bookshelf and, like its subjects, will prove to be a timeless tribute to true style.

‘Love Style Life’ by Garance Doré

Another New York Times Bestseller, this is a charming book that has captivated the imaginations of readers from around the world, inspiring them to nurture their own unique and effortless chic. In the spirit of a natural storyteller, fashion blogger Garance Doré, compels her reader to embark on a journey with her through elegant and truthful tales of life, love, style, and career.

The fresh and appealing narrative of this memoir / style guide is beautifully complemented with exquisite illustrations and photography, and the reader will stumble across numerous nuggets of wisdom drawn from Garance’s life and travels.

Garance Doré embodies effortless French style and we found ourselves falling in love with her passionate and eclectic personality that led her to pursue an extraordinary life and career that we can all admire and aspire to in our own individual ways. If you haven’t already, the you absolutely must treat yourself to a copy of this masterpiece of a book and delve into Doré’s lifestyle blog for daily style inspiration.

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