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Mini Personal Styling Masterclass: Style Personalities

We’re delighted to be sharing with you the first of our ‘Mini Personal Styling Masterclasses’. Today, we’re kicking off by taking a glance at ‘Style Personalities’, featuring our beautiful new fashion illustrations! (We’re in love!) When a Style Coach™ or personal stylist understands your Style Personality, they help their clients to begin developing what we call, ‘effortless style’! Clients will also find new ways to express their unique individuality, gain greater confidence in their clothing choices, and shop with fresh inspiration. We hope you’re excited to start learning about personal styling, so let’s begin without delay!

ONE OF THE KEY AIMS OF A STYLE COACH™… is to help people become more confident and self-assured when styling themselves; whether this is shopping for new items to add to their existing wardrobe, bringing outfits together for a particular occasion, mixing and matching accessories, or experimenting with new colours.

A certified Style Coach™ can help their clients to use their outer appearance as a form of self-expression – a way to illustrate who they really are on the inside and share this with the people around them. Our choice of clothing and accessories speaks volumes about us, and our appearance makes a first (and long-lasting) impression!

Many people look to the media to find out what they should wear this season, and often they try to replicate someone else’s look. While it is fun to find inspiration from various different sources, it is also important to understand that for our clothing choices to work best, they need to be in harmony with our own ‘Style Personality’, not someone else’s!

Once you gain an awareness of the attributes of your Style Personality, you will find that ‘effortless style’ really does start to come more naturally! You will be able to mix and match with ease, and getting dressed will become an enjoyable and creative experience, everyday! Good knowledge of your Style Personality will pave the way for you to project the image you would like, and to feel comfortable in your own skin, whatever the occasion! Of course, working with a Style Coach™ or personal shopper can also help you to create the wardrobe you’ve always wanted!


Most people tend to fall into one of five basic ‘Style Personalities’:

  • The Romantic
  • The Classic
  • The Creative
  • The Dramatic
  • The Natural

Interestingly, we sometimes flow from one to another of the Style Personalities, depending on our mood, or between our work and leisure time.


  • You love pretty colours such as pinks and pastels
  • You like details such as ruffles, frills, flounces and appliqués
  • You love to wear perfume
  • You prefer delicate jewellery (sometimes antique), both simple and elaborate
  • You choose cashmere, silk, lace and tulle and voile
  • You like floral prints and detailing
  • You adore pearls, diamonds, sequins and diamante
  • You often choose romantic styles from bygone eras such as Victorian times
  • You like ribbons, bows and feminine detailing
  • You may have dainty, delicate and feminine features
  • Your makeup is often subtle, with emphasis on the eyes
  • You like softer lines with bust or waist definition; no harsh or masculine lines
  • You like kitten heels,peep-toe pumps, ballerina flats, and Mary-Janes
  • You like to wear pretty, matching underwear sets
  • You love silk scarves, soft faux furs, delicate gloves and occasional hats
  • Your hair may be softly curled and has gentle movement
  • You like to express your femininity and value this highly
  • You loved to play dress-up games as a child
  • You prefer skirts and dresses to trousers or suits


  • You like to wear suits and twin-sets
  • You prefer smart trousers to jeans
  • You don’t follow fashion, but prefer a timeless look
  • You like to appear well turned-out but not over-dressed
  • You avoid too many colours in one outfit
  • You prefer classic colour combinations
  • You would prefer to buy quality over quantity
  • You shop in a few trusted shops
  • You like to tuck shirts in and wear quality belts
  • You like light wools, fine cottons and silks
  • You wear classic shoe styles such as the court or penny loafer
  • You have a timeless hairstyle that you rarely change
  • If you dye your hair, it is close to its natural colour
  • You consider your style elegant, mature and refined
  • Your style is smart, understated and doesn’t attract too much attention
  • You prefer soft folds and straight lines
  • You like tailored styles – nothing too baggy or loose
  • You prefer straight or pencil skirts to full or pleated
  • You have a safe and predictable makeup routine
  • Your look is always sophisticated and easily coordinated
  • Your jewellery is classic and of fine quality


  • You like to have fun with your wardrobe choices
  • You’re inspired by catwalks but always add your own twists
  • You love bold, modern costume jewellery
  • You love eye-catching, statement accessories
  • You like to wear strong, contrasting colours
  • You may have an ethnic or even theatrical look
  • You prefer ensemble dressing to mix and match
  • You like fabrics that have glitter and shine
  • Your style is unique, eclectic and unpredictable
  • You love billowy lines and unusual silhouettes
  • You experiment with exotic or geometric prints
  • You may be a hoarder and can see a use for everything
  • Your clothes are a collection from different decades
  • To you, dressing is an art form
  • You may have angular or prominent features
  • Your hairstyle has long curls or is short and dramatic
  • You often experiment with your makeup
  • Some might think you dress ‘inappropriately’ for some occasions
  • You have long finger nails and paint them regularly
  • You are a trendsetter rather than a fashion follower
  • People admire your brave and daring style combinations


  • You like to make a big entrance
  • Your top priority is to include a ‘wow’ factor
  • You love to follow the latest fashion trend
  • Shopping is one of your favourite hobbies
  • You love to party and to be the ‘star of the show’
  • Your wardrobe is full of impulse buys
  • You often sacrifice practicality to look good
  • You’d always rather be over-dressed than under-dressed
  • You love Hollywood glamour and Marilyn Monroe
  • Makeup is drama: striking red lips, luscious lashes and smouldering eyes
  • You like to express your sexuality in your clothes
  • You prefer bold, striking accessories
  • Your hairstyle can be bold, and always well styled
  • You have good levels of body confidence
  • You love fashion magazines and beauty products
  • You like bold colours and animal prints
  • You enjoy reinventing yourself and trying new looks
  • You love to have fun with your hairstyle, and have numerous styling products and tools
  • You like baby-doll dresses and exaggerated styles
  • You have trouble toning down your look for work
  • You love to have a ‘red carpet’ occasion to get dressed up for


  • Feeling comfortable is your top priority
  • Your hair is often casual, unfussy and tousled
  • You rarely wear twin-sets, preferring separates
  • You love denim, khaki, cord, and tweed
  • You like rough, nubby, linen and matte finish fabrics
  • You wear minimal makeup, and prefer to go natural
  • You get bored by beauty routines and mirror gazing
  • To you, style should always be fuss-free
  • You like loose-fitting clothes that you can move in
  • You often wear whatever is ‘at hand’ and ready to go
  • You like handsfree bags to throw over your shoulder
  • Your jewellery has earthy tones, wood, shell, stones, and other natural materials
  • You like a simple, uncluttered look
  • You prefer jeans and shorts, but like full or long skirts
  • You prefer flat shoes and boots whenever possible
  • You’d always choose a kitten heel over a stiletto
  • You like eye-catching detail but in moderation
  • You dislike tight, constricting clothes
  • You don’t like being over-dressed, or too ‘made-up’
  • You choose practicality over making a statement
  • You can be quite a tomboy or sporty


Here at the Style Coaching Institute®, we love to challenge our students (and ourselves), because we believe that when you challenge yourself in new and exciting ways, you expand your comfort zones and fulfil more of your potential!

After each of our ‘Mini Personal Styling Masterclasses’, we will set you a small ‘Weekly Challenge’, which will help you to begin using your new knowledge straight away! We hope you will have great fun, and that you will begin to feel more inspired by your wardrobe than ever!


  • Take a few minutes to decide what your Style Personality is. Don’t worry if you think you are a mix of two – that’s quite normal!
  • Take a peek at some of the items in your wardrobe, and try to decide which Style Personality they would suit.
  • You might find that your wardrobe contains a mixture of many different ‘Style Personalities’, making it a bit trickier to create harmonious outfits! If this is true for you, don’t worry! You can gradually make positive changes to your wardrobe as your knowledge increases 🙂
  • When shopping, keep your Style Personality in mind, and only choose items that you think are suited to your Style Personality.This will help you to have much more focus when shopping, and make fewer mistakes. Gradually, you will find that choosing outfits becomes effortless, and your wardrobe starts to work perfectly for you.

Finally – if you found this ‘Mini Masterclass’ useful then please ‘SHARE’ it with at least one of your friends! It’s fun to learn about your own style, but the feeling is so much more rewarding when you share it others!

Think you have what it takes to be an Accredited Style Coach™? This ‘Mini Lesson’ is just a taster of the personal styling skills you could learn! Equip yourself with a well-trusted and prestigious qualification as a stylist and turn your dream of a career in personal styling into a reality!

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