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Our graduates set up their own businesses as independent Style Coaches or gain jobs in the fashion industry as personal stylists, image consultants or personal shoppers.

You will be qualified to do one-to-one and group workshops, corporate talks, coaching events and photoshoots. You can also provide style advice to the media. The possibilities for your personal styling career are endless!

Here are some Style Coach success stories & video testimonials for you to watch:

Malaysian Image Consultant & Style Coach Wawa Idris
Since I graduated from the Style Coaching Institute®, I have helped a lot of people (both men and women) to be more confident and I have motivated them to pursue what they wish to achieve. I quit my permanent job to pursue my image consultancy career and I am now setting up my centre & show room for my beauty products. My goal is to help people achieve their dreams through my coaching, products and services.

This is the positive feedback that I’ve received so far…

“Wawa is professional, courteous, competitively priced, prompt, and talented. Thanks for all the tips on how to build confidence that have been given. So much works on me”

“Wawa has been an absolute pleasure to work with, patient, kind, informative, creative and efficient. She is truly an expert in her field. Thank you so much for helping me grow to the next level!”

“A wonderful experience with Wawa. Very professional! The end result is just what I was looking for, and it was created in a very timely manner. I’m very happy with all the talks!”

Through what I’ve learned from Style Coaching™, I’ve become an expert in my field. What’s more interesting is that I’ve been engaged by one of the famous Korean beauty companies “The Faceshop” to collaborate with them in any of their events.

Since qualifying, I have become more than an image consultant and corporate speaker; I have become a well-known Malaysian personality. I have taken my love of people to the forefront of my work and have inspired thousands of people across Malaysia.

My tagline is ‘Wow Attitude Wow Attire’, and I have a proven track record in corporate and individual coaching using the ABC’s of Image Management: Appearance, Behaviour & Communication.

I have successfully organised hundreds of events for companies and government departments, including the Prime Minister’s Department, Ministry of Finance, and many others.

I have established excellent working relationships and appeared in several TV broadcasts and printed media, and featured in numerous online news portals. I am proud to help proactive individuals and companies to develop a personal brand and project a credible and positive business image.

USA Personal Stylist Rayne Parvis
TV Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant Rayne Parvis
Since graduating from the Style Coaching Institute®, Rayne has built her career as an image consultant, personal stylist, TV fashion host and media personality.

She also works as a fashion expert on weekly call-ins to numerous radio shows and podcasts and is an experienced style expert available to speak at workshops, events and in corporate environments.

In LA, Rayne is the matchmaking agencies’ go-to stylist for makeovers and dating profile photoshoots.

Her book, “Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!” offers readers a fresh and fun approach to the Style Coaching™ formula of looking and feeling amazing.

Companies like Felina, Tommy Bahama, Sunsets Inc., Anne Cole, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Macy’s have hired her for her expert suggestions on how to make a garment FIT and FEEL better on the client before going into production.

From established corporations, to the single who is ready to mingle, to busy parents and professionals who desire a more polished image… Rayne found herself drawn towards boosting people’s confidence through the clothes they wear.

Czech and Slovakia Success Story - Dagmar Gabulova
Dagmar Gabulova Personal Stylist and Author
I love that I have the opportunity to reveal the ‘real self’ in each person and define what they want to represent on the outside. It’s about building their image in a natural, authentic and empowering way.

During Style Coaching™, women also understand what makes THEM beautiful and different from the others. They learn how to shine from the inside, how to build positive inner self-image and true self-confidence, and most importantly, how being themselves can lead them to a woman they want to be.

Besides traveling the world, BEAUTY is one of the other areas of life where I find my greatest joy and inspiration. I have always been passionate about supporting women to reveal their true beauty, making them shine, feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Keeping in mind precious advice from Maureen Chiquet, CEO of CHANEL – ‘Dagmar, don’t be a banker. Live through passion!’ – I have decided to marry the globetrotter, creative mind and the people person in one mission: the mission of helping women all over the world to change how they look and feel about themselves.

I initially started to work at ELLE Magazine in Prague, Czech Republic. However, the commercial world of beauty and illusions did not impress me at all. It even made me feel frustrated that I was not able to help women to understand that they ARE good enough even without designers bags and luxury clothes. Therefore, just being a ‘personal stylist’ was not interesting enough for me. I wanted to change people’s lives. I wished to change not only how they look, but also how they feel about themselves. Since I wanted to teach them to look at clothes differently and benefit from using them in a smart way, I searched on the internet and found the Style Coaching Institute® in the UK as the only option for this kind of training.

Style Coaching™ is where I finally found my true passion and mission in life!

Thanks to the Style Coaching Institute®, I became the first certified Style Coach™ in Czech Republic and Slovakia. I gained valuable knowledge, earned my diploma and built credibility enabling me to do what I really love and start my dream job – my own business in Fashion. Besides working with women on building their image to fit their personality, I also conduct workshops for big name companies such as KPMG, Dell, Mary Kay, Oracle, McKinsey & Company, and Novartis, and I speak at women's conferences on a regular basis.

I am a regular contributor to top magazines in the region such as Forbes, Top Class, EMMA, Trend, and Profit, as well as TV shows such as Prima TV, TV Nova, and Czech Television.

I provide image training for the sales managers of top brand clothing stores, not only in how to sell their products, but also how to give their customers professional advice on colours, shapes and styles. I am so much more than a personal stylist - I am a Style Coach™.

I am the author of “STYLE - The Journey to Beauty, Self-Confidence and Charisma”, which takes readers on a quest to find their own style, confidence and charisma. It is currently the no. 1 bestseller among the Health & Lifestyle publications of it’s publishing house.

Studying Style Coaching™ has changed my life tremendously and I am excited to share what I learned with as many women as possible to give them a new future as well.

Success Story UK Personal Shopper Susie Hasler
Susie Hasler Personal Shopper Kent England
Flying the flag for Personal Stylists in the UK, Susie specialises in helping women through personal styling and personal shopping to dress for their body shape and colouring and to overcome confidence issues that may be holding them back.

Like many of us, Susie is a working mother of a young son and understands the pressure of feeling and looking good, when most of the time you feel tired and jaded! She has brought personal styling into every woman's life, as she believes it's a service that shouldn't be limited to the rich and famous.

All of Susie’s advice is based on high street stores and prices, and she believes in dressing for style, not fashion. Her service is friendly, approachable, affordable and fun.

Susie was the Official Stylist for the Winner of Ms British Beauty Curve 2015, and in the same year was nominated for the Mumpreneur "Engage" Award.

She frequently writes for fashion and womens' magazines, and can often be spotted in Bluewater Shopping Centre where her expertise is in creating an effective capsule wardrobe that is suitable for each individual’s lifestyle. She also had the privilege of working with Canadian singer, Flynn, to create a personal brand based upon her musical style and personality.

Of course, the best people to ask about Susie’s work are her Style Coaching™ clients. Here’s what one of them had to say: “I honestly feel like a different person… I’ve regained confidence that I haven’t had in years!”

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