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Refresh Your Style Coach™ Training

Here at the Style Coaching Institute® we aim to update our training materials as often as possible. This enables us to continue to offer training which continues to reflect all our latest developments and advances.

Whether you completed your training with us as far back as 2005, or even as recently as 2017, you might feel that now is the time to revisit your passion for Style Coaching™, refresh your skills and knowledge, and empower yourself to start thinking of it as a career option for the future. Since 2005, we have trained over 1700 Style Coaches™ in over 94 countries, which means we’ve come a long way and learned a lot about how to fine-tune our training and perfect our methods so that our approach gets better and better! It also means that specific aspects of our training, such as colour analysis, have become much more global.

We’re pleased to say that we offer past graduates the opportunity to purchase the latest editions of our training resources – now printed in full-colour. We now offer Advanced Colour Analysis training, complete Personal Styling for Men, new Style Personality Video Lessons, new business training, 2 hours of Business in Style Webinars (recorded in collaboration with Celebrity Stylist, Kelly Lundberg), and many other advancements that may not have featured in your original training. For example, in 2020 we completely redesigned the Style Coaching™ exercises, forms and questionnaires so that they remain fresh, modern, and relevant – we also now have fillable PDF versions as well as Canva templates that can be customised with your own logo, for instance.

Additional to our 2020 course books, we also now have an ‘eLearning Platform’ where you can access all the course resources online, in full-colour digital format. Our eLearning Platform was completely redesigned in 2018, so it is now faster, more secure, more inspiring, and responsive to any device you choose to access it from. Studying with us has never been easier or more rewarding.


If you previously purchased the Style Coach™ Diploma Course, you are eligible to upgrade to our latest training materials, plus gain access to our eLearning Platform. Essentially, you’ll be enrolling for our 2020 Online Style Coach™ Diploma Course.

The cost of this complete refresher package is £395 (inc. standard shipping). You’ll need to contact us using the form below, then we’ll send you a discount code that will enable you to enrol for our Online Diploma Course, but avail of the nominal refresher pricing.

Here’s a description of the published books you’ll receive:

* Two primary ‘Training Manuals’ (each one featuring over 300 pages of information-rich, full-colour content)
* Exercise Workbook with over 50 refreshed exercises, inc. fillable PDFs and Canva templates
* Advanced Colour Analysis Training Manual
* Makeover your Career Business Training Manual
* ‘Speak-Like-A-Stylist’ Vocabulary Guide

You will also receive our 2020 digital Business Pack featuring:

* Over 50 PDF forms and exercises, also available as Canva templates for customising with your branding
* New Body Shape Cheat Sheets
* New Style Personality Cheat Sheets
* New Style Personality video lessons
* New ‘Check My Colour™ Tools’ & virtual colour analysis
* New printable Colour Wheels
* New ‘Love My Colours’ Cheat Sheets and digital colour tools to fit the latest iPhone dimensions
* New Style Coach™ Graduate Logo
* 2 hours of ‘Business in Style Webinars’ recorded in collaboration with Celebrity Stylist, Kelly Lundberg

Plus full access to all your digital course materials on our eLearning Platform, with ongoing updates for life!

For full access to ongoing support for your styling business, as well as monthly Business Masterclasses and live webinars throughout the year, we highly recommend our graduates to become members of the International Association of Style Coaches™. Through the IASC, you can connect with other Style Coaches™ from around the world and learn all the skills you need to launch and grow a successful business as a professional stylist. Find out more here >


— Gain access to brand new information that may not have been available when you originally received your training material.

— Discover all the latest techniques, methods, and resources that will enable you to offer a cutting-edge and competitive Style Coaching™ service to your clients.

— Access the latest business training that is relevant to today’s market, including social media management, email marketing, video marketing, online advertising and other topics which have had a major impact on your marketing strategy. We have teamed up with Kelly Lundberg to also bring you 2hrs + of Business in Style Webinars where we discuss how to get more clients, how to define your niche, how to create irresistible offers, ‘One-Page-Business-Planning’ and more!

— Gain access to brand new and revised tools for your Style Coaching™ business, including promotional materials, advanced colour analysis and body shape tools to print and to share on your mobile devices, exclusive 2020 Style Coach™ forms, questionnaires, and exercises to share with your clients, plus much more!

— Gain access to our completely revised ‘Advanced Colour Analysis Training’ and become confident in global colour analysis for every client you might work with. We have new virtual ‘Check My Colour™’ tools too, so accurate colour analysis has never been easier or more accessible.

— Gain access to our new section, ‘Complete Guide to Personal Styling for Men’. More information than ever before, so you can feel 100% confident in every aspect of working with your male clients.

— Renew your enthusiasm and passion for Style Coaching™ and give yourself the chance to start a fresh and inspiring new journey.

— Regroup with our training team and set new career goals, gain the support and guidance you need to turn your love of Style Coaching™ into the career you’ve been dreaming about

— Stay ahead of the competition and don’t be left behind. Investing in your continuing education is about making a commitment to keep growing, and keep moving ‘onwards and upwards’!

* New Style Personality Cheat Sheets* New Style Personality Cheat Sheets

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