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Sharing Special Memories from the London Style Coach™ Diploma Course

After several months of eager anticipation, May finally arrived and we were once again ready to welcome a new group of aspiring personal stylists to our London Style Coach™ Diploma Course. As with previous years, this VIP course was fully booked and on the first morning of training, the room began to buzz with excitement as we were joined by women from all walks of life who had travelled from every corner of the globe to participate in the week ahead.

It humbles us to think that 18 empowered and motivated women chose to place their trust in us, and travelled from 14 different countries to learn about Style Coaching™. Now, they are able to take home everything they learned and start their personal styling careers in Italy, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, India, the USA, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Brazil, Kenya and Canada!

Within one training room, we realised we had ladies varying in age from 23 – 59, and from an inspiring variety of career backgrounds – from fashion experts, to psychotherapists, business coaches, to CEOs, and everything in between! All of them were able to bring unique experiences to the group, so that they were able to learn not only from our Master Trainer, Bernie Delaney, but also from each other’s wisdom.

Of course, this is one of the most appealing benefits of studying to become a personal stylist by taking a live training course: you get to have that irreplaceable interaction with like-minded people who share your same passions, and you get to make new friends for life!

The training week itself was filled with learning and inspirational sessions. We covered topics like:

  • How to recognise and enhance a person’s Style Personality
  • How to help people develop a positive and healthy body-image
  • How to analyse all the unique body shapes and offer expert style advice on choosing clothes that will fit, flatter and frame the client’s figure
  • The psychological theory of Style Coaching™ and why our holistic approach is so different to what one might learn during an image consultant training course
  • How to recommend the correct underwear and shapewear options for your clients
  • How to help plus-size, tall and petite clients to embrace their figure
  • How to choose all types of shoes and accessories for every body shape and personality
  • How to do a professional wardrobe consultation, how to create a capsule wardrobe and how to create your client’s dream closet!
  • How to offer a professional personal shopping experience in-store and online
  • How to help your clients with their makeup, skincare, haircare, and top-to-toe beauty needs
  • How to help clients look & feel youthful (inside and out!)
  • How to offer professional colour analysis and choose the most flattering colour palettes for every client
  • How to launch and grow a successful career in personal styling

group of women standing next to a clothes mannequin learning about style

And the learning didn’t stop there… There are so many more topics that our participants are now able to enjoy learning about from home too! The week in London helped the students to practice all the topics that benefit most from hands-on interaction and practical demonstrations, but now, for their online / home-based learning, they can dive into their own beautiful set of published training books, and log into our eLearning Platform where they can find an extensive library of training PDFs, how-to videos, positive visualisation audio tracks, colour analysis slideshows, business templates for stylists, and much more!

a set of several Style Coaching books placed on a table with a vase of white flowers

We couldn’t have been luckier with the lovely participants who joined us on this Style Coaching™ course. Every single lady was full of positivity and enthusiasm, support and encouragement for each another. The go-getting vibe was buzzing all week in the classroom, and in the evenings there were plenty of socialising opportunities for those ladies who were keen to share some good company and laughter.

I think one of the most enjoyable sessions of the week was learning all about colour analysis and identifying each others’ colour seasons. Having a group of 18 different ladies in the room, all with varying skin tones, hair and eye colour, offered an amazing opportunity for the participants to practice their emerging colour skills and train their ‘expert eye’! I definitely think it added to the confidence of the group, and will set them up for long-term success with colour analysis in the future. It is a tricky topic to master, but I think it’s safe to say that this group ‘aced it’!

lady with colour swatches over shoulder

By the end of the week, the group had become close friends and the private WhatsApp chat group we set up for them was full of encouraging messages, words of love and support, photos of the great time they were having, and links to everyone’s Instagram profiles and other ways to connect and stay in touch for life. Tracey and Kate (the institute directors) came and met all the ladies on the last day and it was an emotional experience when each participant came forward to collect their Certificates of Attendance for the week. When this group completes their final exams from home, they’ll be able to display their certificates alongside their Style Coaching™ Diplomas, in recognition that they not only completed the full Style Coach™ Diploma Course syllabus but that they also went that extra mile by attending six days of personal stylist training in London.

We can’t wait to see what this next generation of Certified Style Coaches™ will achieve and where their careers will take them! (watch this space, people!) We know that they’re set to do great things – whether it’ll be working as personal shoppers, colour consultants, personal stylists, or embracing a fully holistic approach as full-time Style Coaches™ – their work is certain to bring them many years of joy and fulfilment. As they say, “it’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

Congratulations beautiful ladies – we’re here to support you on your journey ahead and you’ll never be alone with your challenges. The Style Coaching™ community is right here by your side and cheerleading you all the way. Here’s to the beginning of wonderful times ahead!

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Following on from a fully-booked London course in May 2019, we are now delighted to welcome registrations for our November 2019 event. The London course is our flagship training programme and is highly-anticipated with places being filled very quickly. Please note that we limit the available spaces and registration closes as soon as they are gone. Get ready to join participants from all over the globe for six days of live Style Coach™ training during this VIP event. Benefit from one-to-one support from our master trainer, Bernie Delaney, and meet the founders of the institute, Tracey Beaumont & Kate Redmond. Our group training in London is engaging, interactive, inspiring, and is guaranteed to put you on the fast-track to your career as an Accredited Style Coach™!

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