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Success Story: Dagmar Gabulova

We love to stay in touch with our graduates and support them to have successful careers. It’s the most rewarding feeling for us to see our Style Coaches™ develop their skills, follow their passion & finally have a life & business they love. In this blog post, we catch up with Dagmar Gabulova, who originally studied marketing in university, but decided to follow her greatest joy and inspiration by training with us to become an Accredited Style Coach™ in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Here’s what Dagmar says about her experience…

“I love that I have the opportunity to reveal the ‘real self’ in each person and define what they want to represent on the outside. It’s about building their image in a natural, authentic and empowering way. During Style Coaching™, women also understand what makes THEM beautiful and different from the others. They learn how to shine from the inside, how to build positive inner self-image and true self-confidence, and most importantly, how being themselves can lead them to a woman they want to be.

Besides traveling the world, BEAUTY is where I find my greatest joy and inspiration. I have always been passionate about supporting women to reveal their true beauty, making them shine, feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Keeping in mind precious advice from Maureen Chiquet, CEO of CHANEL – ‘Dagmar, don’t be a banker. Live through passion!’ – I have decided to marry the globetrotter, creative mind and the people person in one mission: the mission of helping women all over the world to change how they look and feel about themselves.

I initially started to work at ELLE Magazine in Prague, Czech Republic. However, the commercial world of beauty and illusions did not impress me at all. It even made me feel frustrated that I was not able to help women to understand that they ARE good enough even without designers bags and luxury clothes. Therefore, just being a ‘personal stylist’ was not interesting enough for me. I wanted to change people’s lives. I wished to change not only how they look, but also how they feel about themselves. Since I wanted to teach them to look at clothes differently and benefit from using them in a smart way, I searched on the internet and found the Style Coaching Institute® in the UK as the only option for this kind of training. Style Coaching™ is where I finally found my true passion and mission in life!

Thanks to the Style Coaching Institute®, I became the first certified Style Coach™ in Czech Republic and Slovakia. I gained valuable knowledge, earned my diploma and built credibility enabling me to do what I really love and start my dream job – my own business in Fashion. Besides working with women on building their image to fit their personality, I also conduct workshops for big name companies such as KPMG, Dell, Mary Kay, Oracle, McKinsey & Company, and Novartis, and I speak at women’s conferences on a regular basis.

I am a regular contributor to top magazines in the region such as Forbes, Top Class, EMMA, Trend, and Profit, as well as TV shows such as Prima TV, TV Nova, and Czech Television. I provide image training for the sales managers of top brand clothing stores, not only in how to sell their products, but also how to give their customers professional advice on colours, shapes and styles. I am so much more than a personal stylist – I am a Style Coach™.

Since graduating as a Style Coach™, I was inspired to become the author of “STYLE – The Journey to Beauty, Self-Confidence and Charisma”, which takes readers on a quest to find their own style, confidence and charisma. It is currently the no. 1 bestseller among the Health & Lifestyle publications of it’s publishing house. Studying Style Coaching™ has changed my life tremendously and I am excited to share what I learned with as many women as possible to give them a new future as well.”


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