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Success Story: Helene-Marie Ceillier | Style Coaching™ in South Africa

Style Coaching Institute® graduate and founder of ‘The Re-Styler’, Helene-Marie Ceillier, is embarking on a journey to help people become the best versions of themselves; on the inside through self-love and positive body image, and on the outside by discovering their own true style. Helene-Marie’s work is not just about personal styling, colour consulting, and personal shopping. It is about helping people to confidently align with their true and authentic selves – without having to spend a fortune in the process. We catch up with Helene-Marie to find out more about her personal styling career in South Africa.


Hi Helene-Marie! It’s so nice to catch up with you. For our readers at home, can you tell us a little bit about ‘The Re-Styler’ and the holistic styling services you offer?

The Restyler is about guiding women and men so that they can grow and be the best version of themselves inside and out. Together, we discover their body shape, define their style personality, their colour season, and we put it all together so that they can comfortably own their unique style. I’m a firm believer in “slow fashion”, creating new outfits with existing items of clothing, and upcycling clothing when we can. This is incorporated when we go through the wardrobe detox. I also offer body positivity coaching using simple coaching techniques.

What did you do in your career prior to Style Coaching™ and what made you decide to study personal styling and become a Style Coach™?

I owned an interior store in France and worked (and continue to work) as an interior designer and project manager with Redress Interiors since I moved to South Africa in 2006. I have always had a passion for style, which has been a recurring theme throughout my career – whether through design, fashion, or interiors. Over the years, I also found that my purpose in life was to help people grow, which led me to study personal styling online with the London Style Coaching Institute® and I launched ‘The Restyler’ in June 2020. Style Coaching™ has brought my passion and purpose together into one fulfilling career.

What are some of the most impactful / surprising things you’ve learned from working with your clients so far?

I have learnt that what comes naturally to me, when it comes to choosing an outfit or matching accessories, is difficult for some clients. So they really enjoy styling tips and ideas for different outfit combinations. I’ve also learnt that as people grow older, they often have to readjust to a changing body-image and discover self-acceptance of the aging process. They need reassurance that style has no age, and guidance on how it can be enjoyed at every stage of our lives.

What are some of the personal styling services you currently provide?

One of my latest services is a 4-week Online Virtual Styling journey. During this time, I help my clients discover their style personality, analyse their body shape, we do a full colour analysis, and we even detox their wardrobe. I also offer separate Style Coaching™ sessions which last for about 1 hour, and personal shopping boards with clickable links if people are interested in me curating outfits for them to add their wardrobes.

How has Covid-19 changed the way you connect with your clients and have there been any unexpected positives for your business that have come out of this challenging time?

Due to the pandemic and the launch date of ‘The Restyler’, my whole business model started with all the consultations being done virtually. It has been ideal as it’s allowed people to enjoy the sessions from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The surprising benefit of this is that even though I chose to start a personal styling business in Cape Town, I’ve managed to work with people from all over the world.

How would you describe your own relationship with style and has it evolved over the years?

I would define my personal style as Classic / Creative, but as I get older I am becoming more playful and creative when choosing colours and pattern combinations.

When was the last time you detoxed your own wardrobe, and how often would you recommend it to your clients?

I’m continuously detoxing my own wardrobe. My golden rule is this, “If 1 item of clothing comes in, I must clear one out”. I also love to sew and create new pieces from what I have, so detoxing my wardrobe contributes to my creative outlet.

What were some of your favourite fashion purchases of the last year, and what things are on your wardrobe wishlist right now?

A green vintage woolen coat and a nice pair of leather brogues made by a local shoe maker. I have nothing in particular on my wardrobe wishlist, although I know as I do personal shopping online for my clients that temptations will arise!

How would you describe the colours that feature in your own wardrobe and are there any colours you tend to avoid?

I stay away from pastel colours and feel confident wearing brighter colours. I love emerald green and bright yellow. I still own quite a lot of black and blues that I always accessorise with bold accessories that I mostly make myself.

What are your thoughts about sustainability as a Style Coach™ and ‘Mindful Shopping’?

My preference is to up-cycle and re-use wherever possible. I also follow a lot of new ethical fashion brands and try to advise them to my clients as much as I can. I am starting now to work with “shoppable” boards, to hopefully showcase more of these brands.

Where can our readers follow you and learn more about The Restyler?

You can follow me on Instagram (which is my favourite platform) @the_restyler
Or over on Facebook @yourtruestylebytherestyler
Or visit my website: www.therestyler.online

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