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About The Style Coaching Institute®

When you become a Style Coach™ you’ll learn how to be an image consultant & personal stylist, as well as a Life Coach, plus you’ll learn Personal Branding, Image Management, Personal Grooming, Personal Shopping, Colour Consultancy, and even Self-Image Psychology.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that people are so much more than a reflection can show them.

Unlike traditional forms of image consultancy or personal styling…

Style Coaching™ was created as a completely holistic specialisation, that embraces the strong connection between the mind and the body. We use a person’s outer appearance as a starting point for a much bigger, life-changing transformation. We all know that our inner-confidence can be impacted (both beneficially & detrimentally) by the way that we look. Style Coaching™ uses this fact of life to create opportunities for inner and outer growth.

Often, the world of image consultancy and personal styling revolves around following strict rules regarding what to wear, what to avoid, and dressing to “impress” rather than dressing to “express”. As much as we love choosing beautiful clothes and accessories, we also need to balance this with finding ways to “love the skin we’re in”, discover our inner beauty, and be true to ourselves. When you help a person bridge the gap between who they truly are on the inside and how they express themselves on the outside, it is like turning on an inner light and everything starts to fall into place. Their Personal Style suddenly becomes a beautiful expression of who they are.

Believing in the concept of “inner beauty” doesn’t mean that you must also have a counter belief that says, “outer beauty” has zero importance and should be regarded as shallow or superficial. The truth is this: both our outer appearance and our inner picture of ourselves impact the way we feel about our overall “self-image”, and so, they are both important.

The Style Coaching™ philosophy is that all bodies are beautiful…

Style Coaching™ brings together image consultancy, personal styling, colour consultancy, personal shopping, makeup and skincare, personal branding and of course, life coaching, in a way that has never been done before.

We believe that people are perfect: they don’t need ‘fixing’, only uncovering, enhancing & illuminating. Our Style Coaches™ help their clients to have a healthy appreciation of their unique bodies and develop a sense of their own style that works with their shape, size, and skin colour – not against it. Our focus is never on what is ‘wrong’ with the body, but rather appreciating all the things that are ‘right’ with it!

We teach our learners how to use clothes, accessories, colours, and an understanding of ‘true style’ to empower their client to make choices that will enhance their body shape and help them to realise that style isn’t necessarily something you are born with, but it’s something everyone can learn!

We’re passionate about sharing with you a powerful combination of professional skills that will enable you to make a real difference in the lives of your clients. Our work has been described as “innovative & groundbreaking”, and the unique theory, methods and tools we teach can’t be found anywhere else! There’s only one Style Coaching Institute® in the world & we’re so glad you found us!

  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    I’ve been lucky enough to work within different realms of the fashion industry, but I wanted to learn more about the art of personal styling & how to help people make real changes in their lives. I was drawn to the Style Coaching Institute® because they are utterly unique & special. They use a holistic approach that resonates with me & their message is strong & clear: it’s not just about the clothes you wear, it also about the awareness & appreciation of who you are on the inside. I’m so grateful & proud to be a Style Coach™.
    Nichola English
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    My experience of this course has been 100% positive. What stands out is the team's genuine & authentic approach to teaching, sharing & collaboration; Tracey & Kate truly embody the philosophy they teach. I was surprised & impressed that I was able to speak personally with Tracey to have my questions answered, even though she was in the UK & I am in the USA. The content is excellent, but there is also a personal touch & accessibility that is very unique. The global online community is extremely supportive & the benefits of being a member of the International Association Of Style Coaches™ are numerous. The materials available to graduates should also not be underestimated. There is an extensive library of tools to help stylists launch their businesses successfully. This is an A+ program!
    Julie Barlier
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    I have no words to describe the importance that the Style Coach™ Diploma Course has had in my life. Despite all the challenges of language, I was able to successfully complete the program thanks to the accessible contents & format of the eLearning Platform. The coaching elements combined with style components make this training completely unique & different from other image consultant courses. I liked having the videos explaining how to dress for each body type & the business management training was excellent. Tracey & Kate: thank you for everything & keep up the great work!
    Maria Uini Miguel
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    I first started working with the Style Coaching™ team in 2010. My trainers were brilliant communicators & always helpful, prompt, enthusiastic & motivational! I now offer insightful coaching & mentoring to help my one-to-one clients achieve measurable results, advising on how & why it is important to project a professional image. Through Image & Impact Presentations, I also help groups of business people & students to maximise their potential through understanding the impact of body language & personal appearance, and their positive effect on confidence & self-esteem.
    Dee Becker
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