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Become a Style Coach™ in the Middle-East, Courses in Arabic & English

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Become a Style Coach™ in the Middle-East, Courses in Arabic & English

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  • Upcoming Courses

  • Arabic Recorded Online Course Available Now!
    Live Course in Dubai: 19th - 24th February 2024
    Live Course in Beirut: 13th - 18th May 2024
    Live Course in Riyadh: 5th - 10th October 2024
    Live Course in Jeddah: 16th - 21st November 2024
Join our Licensed Training Provider for the Middle-East, Rana Harake, for your authentic Style Coach™ diploma course. Choose to study in Beirut, Riyadh, Kuwait, Dubai (Galeries Lafayette) or Jeddah (Red Sea Mall)... Or join us online through live Zoom sessions, or our recorded Arabic programme.

About our Course
The Style Coaching Institute® has collaborated with Rana Harake to exclusively offer the official Style Coach™ Diploma Course in the Middle East (venues include: Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah). Rana Harake, representing the MindStyle Coaching Centre, is the only Licensed Training Provider for the Style Coaching Institute® in the Middle East.
Why choose the Style Coach™ diploma course for your personal stylist training in the Middle East?
The Middle-East Style Coach™ diploma allows you to study alongside other aspiring personal stylists, image consultants and Style Coaches™ in your region. Gain first-hand support and one-to-one direction from our regional master trainer, Rana Harake.
Rana is an international Style Coach™ based in Lebanon, with several years of experience running her own successful personal styling business, and in their reviews, our students consistently describe Coach Rana as: “dedicated, supportive, an amazing mentor, well-experienced, professional, patient, kind, and a beautiful person (inside and out).” We couldn’t be more proud to have Rana on our training team!
What to expect from your personal stylist training in the Middle East…
Course work is taught throughout your six days of tutor-led training in Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait or Jeddah. Guaranteed to be vibrant, interactive, hands-on and practical. See and experience live demonstrations as you develop new skills in an environment where everyone is learning and having fun. Familiarise yourself with client management tools as you learn to identify Style Personalities. Understand body shape and colour analysis as you practice life coaching skills with like-minded people looking to grow!

Rana leads you through a potent mix of presentations, bespoke portfolios, thought-provoking Keynotes, and stimulating practical sessions. If you prefer structure, schedules, and a programme to follow closely, then our live training courses in the Middle-East are for you!

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Recorded Online Course – ME

This course is recorded in Arabic and provides flexible study hours. There are no time restrictions and you won’t have to follow a time schedule that might disrupt other commitments. It also allows you to exchange wasted time for an opportunity to create a life you love and a passion for work that you love as well. You can study at any hour of the day or night, from any laptop, tablet or even your smartphone – or you may prefer the option to read our published training books that we ship to you wherever you are in the world. Studying from home does not mean studying alone! As online students you receive individual support from our mentoring team and collective support from our global community. You can benefit from all the available educational tools such as books, recorded videos, exercises and work packages.


Live ‘In-Person’ Courses – ME

The Live Diploma courses offered by the Style Coaching Institute® in the Middle East are the most time-efficient, and closely-guided training courses. We include a refreshing mixture of ad-lib lectures and interactive discussions, beautiful and inspiring Keynotes, practical demonstrations using a multitude of clothes and accessories, partnered role-plays, colour analysis, makeup application, and much more! We limit the classes to a small and exclusive group of delegates, to ensure that every participant receives the highest standard of mentoring possible. We get to know each individual and personally support them through every stage of their Style Coaching™ journey. We also create a private WhatsApp group for each class, so everyone can stay in touch, share links, ask questions, and offer encouragement and support before, during and after your Style Coach™ training! You will also be able to practice your new skills in a friendly, light-hearted and encouraging environment. Get ready to join participants from all over the globe during this VIP event of live Style Coach™ training. Benefit from one-to-one support. Our group training is engaging, interactive, inspiring, and is guaranteed to put you on the fast-track to your career as an Accredited Style Coach™. The live ME course is taught over 6 days from 10:30 am to 6pm and includes two coffee breaks and a lunch break.

Please note there are 3 study stages in our Live Diploma Courses:

  • STAGE ONE: Approx. 7 hours of online study before attending live training days
  • STAGE TWO: 6 days of live tutored training at your chosen venue
  • STAGE THREE: Approx. 6 weeks to complete the course & submit exam papers online


Live Online Course – ME

This course is mostly provided in Arabic and is fun, engaging and interactive with plenty of opportunities for you to be hands-on with your learning. Try out body shape and colour analysis, identify ‘Style Personalities’, familiarise yourself with the tools you can use with your clients, and practice various coaching skills with like-minded people who are equally keen to learn and grow! In this course as well, we reduce the number of participants and create a WhatsApp group for each class. The online live course is taught from Sunday to Thursday for 3 hours a day for 3 weeks, from 5:00 to 8:00pm (Beirut time). What’s special about this course is that it equips you with everything you need to know to become an online stylist. You learn how to use our ‘ready-made’ virtual colour analysis programme. You’ll also learn how to create outfits digitally, using a special application so your outfits will be ‘shoppable’ with the a click of a button.


All of our courses in the Middle East are highly-anticipated with places being filled very quickly. Please note that we limit the available spaces and registration closes as soon as they are gone.


When you become a Style Coach™ in the Middle East, you learn how to be an image consultant as well as a Life Coach, plus you learn Personal Branding, Image Management, Personal Grooming, Personal Shopping, Fashion Styling, Colour Consultancy, Wardrobe Styling, and even Self-Image Psychology. Our holistic course topics are totally unique and unlike anything offered by other image consultant trainers!

The exact schedule can vary, but each vital practical lesson is covered during the live classes.

Here is a brief overview of the topics you can expect to learn about during the Style Coach™ Diploma Course:

  • The Holistic Style Coaching™ Concept
  • Exclusive resources like Canva templates and PDFs
  • Style Personalities
  • Budget planning
  • Life Coaching skills
  • Self-image psychology
  • Body positivity
  • Advanced Body Shape Analysis
  • Body Shape styling & outfit curation
  • Professional rapport skills
  • Proportions & scale
  • Choosing footwear & accessories
  • Wardrobe analysis & decluttering
  • Non-verbal communication & body language
  • Personal shopping
  • ‘Top to Toe’ grooming, inc. hair, makeup and skin care
  • Styling mature clients & positive ageing
  • Personal styling & colour analysis for men
  • Confidence coaching
  • Advanced Colour Analysis Training (inc. Virtual Colour Analysis + complete set of virtual colour tools)
  • Complete Personal Stylist Business Training inc. 6 month’s access to IASC Monthly Masterclasses
  • Professional vocabulary for personal stylists
  • Virtual Styling (4hr Masterclass + complete set of virtual resources)

Chat with a member of our team to find out more!

When you arrive to the Style Coaching course in Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait or Jeddah you’ll receive a beautiful set of published training books to keep (ideal for studying offline, with the option of writing notes and highlighting key points). You’ll also have access to our eLearning Platform where you can view your course modules online – anytime, anywhere, using your preferred device.

Introducing our eLearning Platform…
Our cutting-edge eLearning Platform is where you’ll be able to access all your online training resources (a wide selection of PDFs, videos & audio files) and your exclusive ‘Business & Career Pack’ full of invaluable resources for your personal styling business – for example: template presentations, Certified Style Coach™ logos, virtual colour drapes and body shape analysis tools, fillable workbooks and cheat sheets to share with your clients, + exclusive exercises, forms and questionnaires to add professionalism to your personal styling services. Through the eLearning Platform, you can also complete all your assignments, send messages to your mentor, and gain access to new updates to your training in the future.
Your Printed Study Books…
You’ll also receive a stunning set of study books that include:

  • 2 x ‘Style Coach™ Training Guides’ (each one featuring over 300 pages of information-rich content)
  • Personal coaching workbook with over 50 exclusive exercises
  • Advanced Colour Analysis Training Guide
  • Personal Stylist Business Training Guide
  • Personal Styling Vocabulary Guide


  • ME Online Courses: available any time and to all countries (presented in Arabic)
  • Dubai Live Course: 19th – 24th February 2024 (Galeries Lafayette)
  • Beirut Live Course: 13th – 18th May 2024
  • Riyadh Live Course: 5th – 10th October 2024
  • Jeddah Live Course: 16th – 21st November 2024 (Red Sea Mall)



Recorded Online Course – ME

  • $2300 – one payment
  • or 6 months instalments ($500 down payment and $420 / month for 5 months)

Live Online Course – ME

  • $3600 – one payment
  • You can pay $850 to reserve your place early and pay the remaining $2,650 before the start of the course
    or $3800 – 6 months instalments ($850 down payment and $590 / month for 5 months)

Live In-Person Course – ME

  • $4400 – one payment
  • You can pay $850 to reserve your place early and pay the remaining $3550 a month before the course starts
  • Early-bird discounts are available, as well as discounts for friends registering on the same program. Contact rana@mindstylecoaching.com for details.


Click here to schedule a free telephone consultation with Rana >

Click here to register for a free Style Coaching™ webinar with Rana >


Style Coaching Institute® proudly collaborates with Mind Style Coaching™ |  Exclusive Style Coach™ Diploma Course Provider for the Middle East

Mind & Style Coaching Centre,
MTV bldg., Fl.9, Charles Malek Ave.

Telephone: +961-3-800094

For details of our courses in the Middle East, please visit our sister website: www.mindstylecoaching.com

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Middle-East Diploma Course

Enrolling Now
  • Upcoming Courses

  • Arabic Recorded Online Course Available Now!
    Live Course in Dubai: 19th - 24th February 2024
    Live Course in Beirut: 13th - 18th May 2024
    Live Course in Riyadh: 5th - 10th October 2024
    Live Course in Jeddah: 16th - 21st November 2024

Join our Licensed Training Provider for the Middle-East, Rana Harake, for your authentic Style Coach™ diploma course. Choose to study in Beirut, Riyadh, Kuwait, Dubai (Galeries Lafayette) or Jeddah (Red Sea Mall)… Or join us online through live Zoom sessions, or our recorded Arabic programme.

  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    “Before taking the Style Coaching™ diploma course, I was already a life coach & body shape consultant. I love working with women, but I always felt as though something was missing... Taking this course fulfilled me and gave me exactly what I was looking for. It truly completed the missing piece in the puzzle. What attracted me to the course is that it enables you to work beyond personal styling by uniquely combining inner and outer beauty. With the guidance of my lovely mentor, Rana Harake, I was able to accomplish and understand so many new aspects of ‘style’. I would also like to thank Kate & Tracey because even after completing the course, they provide us with unconditional materials and life-long skills that help us work better with our clients. I am ecstatic to be the first Egyptian Style Coach and to expand my professional services with a holistic approach.”
    Marwa Abdalla
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    “I just got my Diploma and want to share with everyone the fulfilling experience I have had while travelling through this course. From beginning to end it was full of information and examples, and whatever question popped into my head I always found the answer to it within the books. Coach Rana was an amazing mentor! She was well-experienced and delivered information in an easy fun and educational way. She was always available to answer any question and would always do it with pleasure regardless of the time zone. I initially enrolled on this course with hesitation, but it really exceeded all my expectations. I will always be thankful to the team behind this great venture and if anyone is thinking of enrolling for the Style Coach™ course, look no further! I cannot recommend Rana Harake enough!”
    Lama Alaeddin
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    “The best way I can describe this course is “transformative”. The journey at the Style Coaching Institute® helped me discover my true passion and purpose- making others confident and comfortable in their fashion, style, and body image. The course covered topics that made me realise the importance of reflecting your inner bright self through what you wear. I learnt how to embrace uniqueness, employ my talent professionally, and unlock the right passage to my ultimate goal! This served boosting my confidence and satisfaction levels and reflect them on my clients. The values, content, and effortless presentation that I witnessed in this Diploma Course made me enjoy all the educational benefits and trainings I took. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for a professional institute with the ultimate supportive team. My gratitude goes to my mentors for their positive experiences, motivation, and guidance. I now have all it takes to be successful in my career. I wake up every day to do what I really love!”
    Btoul Allou
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    “I really enjoyed the Style Coach™ Diploma Course in Dubai and I’m very grateful to be part of this amazing and empowering community, where we can help others and ourselves become “Stylishly Empowered”. I always wanted to pursue something deeper and more meaningful, where I could touch someone’s life and hopefully make a positive change in their image, style, and mindset. That is when I came across the Style Coaching Institute training in the Middle East, and here I am now running my own successful personal styling business and I couldn't be happier. A HUGE thank you to the team behind the Style Coaching Institute, your level of professionalism, dedication and support is just so impressive. Thank you for all you do, and all you’ve done! ”
    Einas Al Ameri

Why Choose Us?

We are a tried & tested company with a well-established reputation you can trust. We offer a unique type of training not available anywhere else. Our prestigious courses teach you how to help others discover & express their personal style, love the skin they’re in, and enhance their inner & outer beauty.

Speak to Our Learning Advisors

We have been trusted by more than 2000 men and women, who are now some of the leading personal stylists around the world, as well as image consultants, personal shoppers and Style Coaches™. Talk to us or email us to find out more about how we can help you move powerfully and purposefully in the direction of your goals and take your career to the next level.

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