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We are an award-winning, tried & tested company with a well-established reputation you can trust. We offer a unique type of training not available anywhere else. Our prestigious courses teach you how to help others discover & express their personal style, love the skin they’re in, and enhance their inner & outer beauty.

When you become a Style Coach™ you learn how to be an image consultant, as well as a Life Coach, plus you learn Personal Branding, Image Management, Personal Grooming, Personal Shopping, Colour Consultancy, and even Self-Image Psychology.

Our graduates set up their own businesses as independent Style Coaches™ or gain jobs in the fashion industry as personal stylists, image consultants or personal shoppers.

You’ll be qualified to do one-to-one client work, group workshops, corporate talks, coaching events and fashion styling for photoshoots. You can also provide style advice to the media. The possibilities for your personal styling career are endless!

Since 2005, Style Coaching™ has been on a mission to give the world of Image Consultancy a modern makeover of its own! While we are incredibly proud to be the only Style Coaching Institute® in the world, we are even prouder to be a small, sincere and passionate team with a straightforward vision: To care, beyond the ordinary, about helping you to create a life and business you love.

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We Are Well-Established, Award-Winning & Rated Excellent

We are a tried & tested company with a well-established reputation you can trust.

Every year, new ‘personal stylist courses’ emerge onto the market, particularly in the form of online courses that have not been thoroughly developed, tried or tested. Since 2005, over 2000 Style Coaches™ have gained their qualification by training with our team. Our diploma courses have been painstakingly developed with nearly 20 years of practical experience and feedback, and we revise our resources on an annual basis to ensure that we maintain our reputation as cutting-edge thought leaders in the image-training industry.

We have countless testimonials and success stories from our graduates, which are credited to the consistent quality of our training methods and the dedication of our mentors.

We also have students studying with us from over 95 countries around the world – which is a greater worldwide presence than any other image trainers out there.

We are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with 100% 5-star reviews. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you place your trust in us! We aim to exceed your expectations and ‘wow’ you with everything we have to offer.

We Are Globally Unique

We offer a unique type of training & post-graduate options that are not available anywhere else.

Authentic Style Coaching™ is the only career that combines all aspects of Personal Styling and Image Consultancy with Colour Consultancy, Makeup and Personal Grooming, Life Coaching, Personal Branding, and Personal Shopping!

When you train to become a Style Coach™, you have many flexible options after you graduate… You can choose to work as a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant, a Colour Consultant, a Personal Shopper, a Body Image Coach, an Executive Stylist, or even a Personal Branding Coach. Most of our graduates combine all of these skills into one holistic service branded “Style Coaching™”.

Unlike generic image consultant courses, training as a Style Coach™ teaches you the ethos of a life coach, and helps you to understand the vital aspects of self-image psychology, alongside personal styling skills.

A Style Coach™ is trained to help clients grow in confidence and develop positive body-image, so that they can feel good when they look in the mirror. We believe that when you get the inside right, then the outside will fall into place. As the creators of “Style Coaching™” we are the only authentic “Style Coaching Institute®” in the world.

We Turn Your Passion into a Career

We teach you how to turn your passion into a career, and we provide the vital business resources to do it.

Our diploma courses teach you all the skills you need to become a professional Style Coach™ and run your own successful business. We help you to avoid common pitfalls and embrace the empowering role of being your own boss.

We have Accredited Business Coaches on our team, so we can help you to explore your potential and create a personalised action plan. We’ll also help you to uncover self-limiting beliefs that could be silently sabotaging your progress. Unlike most image consultancy courses, we cover in-depth business training such as online and offline marketing strategies, social media management, business planning, PR, recorded business webinars, and so much more!

We also provide a downloadable Career Pack that contains resources like template marketing materials, shareable exercises, forms and questionnaires for your clients, and digital colour analysis tools to print on demand or share via your smart device. Everything you need to know about becoming a professional Style Coach™ is covered, all in one place.

We Offer Exceptional Support

We offer exceptionally personal mentoring and lifetime support.

We are passionate about helping you to achieve your dreams. Our students and graduates are never an interruption of our work; they are the purpose of it. That’s why we enjoy giving you the time, dedication and attentiveness that you deserve.

Unlike many other training companies, we have extended relationships with our students so that we can offer them personalised support throughout their careers. Many of our graduates have been a valued part of the Style Coaching™ community for over 15 years, which is quite phenomenal!

Our team never forgets a name, and it’s nice for you to get to know ours, too. We are not a ‘faceless’, ‘soulless’ company like so many others; instead, we’re a small team of dedicated people, and we take pride in our work. Our testimonials tell us that our students and graduates feel valued, appreciated, supported, encouraged, nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential. This means the world to us!

When you train to become a Style Coach™, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you to nurture belief in yourself – that you can (and will) create the life and business you love. We have shared this journey with over 2000 Style Coaches™ before, so we have the experience and expertise to help you, too!

We Are Trusted By Image Experts

Experienced image consultants, colour consultants, personal stylists & life coaches, train with us to upgrade & enhance their existing skills.

We have trained countless professionals from related fields to become qualified “Style Coaches™”, because our training enables them to expand the boundaries of their potential market, and also to work in a more dynamic, holistic, fulfilling and rewarding capacity.

Style Coaching™ enables experts from adjacent fields to access a vastly broader market and offer a more lucrative service. Because of the increased potential for areas to work on with a client, Style Coaches™ can offer many different sessions spread over a longer period. Style Coaching™ can reignite your passion for helping people reach their full potential. It can also give a career in image consultancy a much-needed ‘boost’ and modern rebranding.

If you are considering training to be an image consultant, personal stylist, colour consultant or life coach, then it is worth considering that your potential client-base is greatly increased when you are a certified “Style Coach™”. This is because Style Coaching™ appeals to many more people than standalone colour or personal styling services. Authentic Style Coaches™ gain a significant competitive edge over competitors who can only offer a single service!

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  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    Doing this course has been life changing. It was the best decision I ever made. After graduating 7 years ago, I started Styled By Susie & have gone from strength to strength. I now have a Facebook community of 16,000 ladies & an Instagram following of 31,000. I have won numerous awards for my work as a stylist, and my diary is now fully booked with personal shopping dates for the next 12 months. Thanks for giving me such an amazing education!
    Susie Hasler
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    I qualified as a Style Coach™ in 2010 & I’ve been helping people to discover their personal style ever since. It’s my dream to help people create the best version of themselves - whether that’s with fashion and styling, or cosmetics and colour to enhance their natural beauty. I believe that Style Coaching™ enables everyone to look great & feel amazing, no matter who they are, what their budget is, or how young or mature they may be.
    Kath Floyd
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    I love everything about Style Coaching™. My trainer was amazing; she was always ready to provide support & answer all my questions. This course offers so much more than just a qualification. You gain knowledge, confidence, and for me the best part was finally realising exactly what I want to achieve with my career. I highly recommend this diploma course to everyone on a journey to becoming a Certified Style Coach™. I would like to thank everyone from the team; you have all helped me so much!
    Chioma Okeke
  1. Quotes From Our Students & Graduates

    I qualified as a Style Coach™ in 2010 having previously worked in hotels looking after 400 members of staff. During this time, I realised that it is very difficult to get a healthy work/life balance. I researched courses by Colour Me Beautiful & House of Colour but chose the Style Coaching Institute® because it offered an holistic approach that was very important to me. I felt the other courses were restrictive & one dimensional. Style Coaching focuses on the whole person, not just their appearance. It was the perfect choice for me. The team is dedicated, hardworking & have a warm friendly approach with the highest professional standards.
    Louise Hill
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